In 1997, after numerous performances, gigs and over a year of promotion, 3T bring their music to their fans live on stage performing in 7 countries in Europe on the Brotherhood Tour. Backed by a 5-piece band, 3T perform all the tracks of their debut album Brotherhood, as well as some other songs such as “Didn”t Mean To Hurt You”, “What Will It Take”, a cover of Oasis hit “Wonderwall”. Father and legend Tito Jackson makes a guest appearance on every show to introduce the Jackson 5 Medley appearing on stage with an afro wig and a guitar and performing the old hits of the Jackson 5 with his sons.

Date Place Country  
23 February 1997 Ipswich UK  
26 February 1997 Lyon France  
28 February 1997 Paris France  
1 March 1997 Zürich Switzerland  
2 March 1997 München Germany  
4 March 1997 Hannover Germany  
6 March 1997 Berlin Germany  
7 March 1997 Copenhagen Denmark  
8 March 1997 Stockholm Sweden  
10 March 1997 Cologne Germany  
11 March 1997 Offenbach Germany  
12 March 1997 Rotterdam The Netherlands  
13 March 1997 Rotterdam The Netherlands  
14 March 1997 Brussels Belgium  
16 March 1997 Birmingham UK  
17 March 1997 Cardiff UK  
19 March 1997 Plymouth UK  
20 March 1997 Bournemouth UK  
21 March 1997 Brighton UK  
23 March 1997 Wembley UK  
24 March 1997 Newcastle UK  
26 March 1997 Manchester UK  
28 March 1997 Sheffield UK  
29 March 1997 Glasgow UK  
2 April 1997 Paris France  
4 April The Hague The Netherlands TMF Awards 1997: Tito presents award for Most Promising Act International to 3T.
The show is cut down to one hour with no Jackson 5 Medley.
5 April 1997 Lille France  

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