Tito Jackson will be in Brazil on May 16th to film a cameo appearance in the favela of Rio de Janeiro with locals kids and drummers for the music video "WINNING BY GIVING" by Brazilian artist Mart'nália. Tito was asked to be part of this charity song and video and he is excited to contribute and shoot his cameo appearance for the music video in the same favela where his brother Michael Jackson filmed his music video for "They Don't Care About Us" (1996) twenty years ago. It means a lot for Tito to visit that same Favela because his brother embraced Brazil and the people as well. 

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Mart'nália Mendonça Ferreira, known as Mart'nália (1965) is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and percussionist. She is the daughter of sambista Martinho da Vila and singer Analia Mendoncabegan and Mart'nália began her professional career at age 16. In 2015, her album Em Samba! Ao vivo was nominated for the 16th Latin Grammy Awards in the Best Samba/Pagode Album category.

In the spirit of bringing unity and peace all over the world, Tito is looking forward to receive The Olympic Torch along with the children of Bahia on May 19th during a meeting for and with the Pataxo Indian tribe and torch ritual. 

Tito will be busy in Brazil to promote his contribution to the "WINNING BY GIVING" project, as well his own upcoming single "Get It Baby", participating in other charity events and visiting local schools and people.

On May 20 and 21st, Tito will be back in the United States and performing with his brothers as The Jacksons at Chinooks Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln, OR. 

On June 3rd, Tito releases his highly catchy new single "Get It Baby" featuring Big Daddy Kane from the forthcoming Spectra Music Group release TITO TIME. The single is available for pre-order at iTunes, Amazon Music and Music on Google Playstore

Tito Jackson will return to Brazil on July 30th for a performance (possibly with Mart'nália) and more dates are being added so watch this space and follow Tito Jackson's official pages for more info and to stay updated.  

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