6-8 weeks delivery time

7X (Pure Rabbit Fur Felt) $450.00
100X (Pure Beaver) $750.00

The Tito Jackson Signature Bowler is a custom made hat crafted using the finest fur felt hat bodies made in the world. Tito Jackson’s Bowler is available in many colors. The crown is 4 ½” tall and the brim is 2” wide.
Your hat will be delivered to you in a gift box complete with a certificate of authenticity.
Tito’s signature will be embossed on the sweatband along with Tito Jackson printed. The Bowler hat will be numbered in series (i.e. 25 of 500)
A picture of Tito will be placed in the satin lining.
The customer’s name can be added to the sweatband if desired.

Hat making process at D bar J (GREATLY SIMPLIFIED!)
First, we start with a high quality fur felt body (pure rabbit, or pure beaver)
The body is placed in our blocking machine from 1860, which pulls the brim and fits the hat block into the crown to begin the shaping process. Steam assists with the felt shrinkage, and then the hat is allowed to dry overnight.
The hat is placed on a crown iron machine built in 1920. A metal plate is heated and placed on the crown as it rotates, which irons the fur felt smooth and shrinks the fur felt to the shape of the hat block inside.
The brim then gets ironed by hand to flatten, smooth and shrink the felt more.
After cooling, the brim is cut by hand.
The hat is fitted with a leather band, which is embossed and then sewn into the hat by hand. Binding and the hat band are sewn onto the hat to finish the trim.
The crown is then steamed and hand shaped into the desired crease (no machine stamping at D bar J). The brim is then steamed, pencil rolled if desired, and hand shaped with the final curves.
The hat satin is fitted inside the crown, and the hat gets its last inspection.
Finally, another hand crafted masterpiece proudly admired by us, but designed just for you!

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